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Niazi’s high-quality bricks build robust and enduring constructions. Our brick price in Lahore offer one of the oldest and most reliable construction materials. They play a pivotal role in building everything from simple homes to monumental architectural achievements.

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Niazi’s products cater to various building needs. We cover from classic red bricks to specialized firebricks and blocks. We commit to quality and innovation in brick manufacturing and put ourselves as the forefront of supporting builders in shaping the infrastructure of world.

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The brick industry is witnessing dynamic price changes due to several influencing factors and current market drifts. Our cost of bricks is shaped by various elements ranging from raw material availability to economic circumstances.

Existing Brick Prices in Pakistan Cities

Following Trends - Remain Updated on Pricing Dynamics of Pakistan's Brick!

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There is a noticeable surge in demand within the construction zone. Metropolitan developments and infrastructure projects have driven up demand that significantly impacts rates. However, the type of brick also affects pricing. Eco-friendly bricks such as fly ash bricks are priced higher due to their energy efficiency and sustainability structures.

Previous Rates Comparison

Brick prices have risen comparatively over the past few ages. The costs were lower due to cheaper raw materials and lower fuel costs. Economic inflation with increased labor wages and higher demand have gradually increased rates. Sustainable building materials has also introduced higher-priced alternatives into the market. It influenced the overall cost.

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The construction industry relies heavily on various types of bricks and blocks. However, each of them suited for different building supplies. Niazi Bricks understand this diversity and offer different types of brick. Every construction project has the right materials for optimal upshots. Let us take an overview of bricks available at Niazi Bricks and their uses:

Our Clay Bricks

They are the most traditional form of bricks and are prized for their durability and excellent thermal performance. Clay bricks are made from natural soil fired in kilns. They are known for their strength and weathering resistance. Clay block price in Pakistan depends on the size and strength. Build load bearing walls and residential construction with their natural composition and aesthetic charm.

Our Concrete Blocks

These blocks are a more modern alternative to clay bricks and are made from a mixture of cement and sand with fine aggregates. Concrete block prices in Pakistan are determined with their uniform size and shape. They provide excellent structural stability and are used in commercial and industrial constructions. The size allows for faster construction. A cost-effective choice for large developments.

Our Cement Blocks

Our cement blocks generally have a higher cement content. It gives them a denser and stronger contour. They are useful in environments that demand high durability and strength. For example, foundations and retaining walls or areas prone to extreme weather situations. Our cement blocks price in Pakistan allows you to reinforce the blocks with steel to enhance their load-bearing capability.

Need of Choosing the Right Type for Different Structures

The correct type of brick for a construction project directly impacts the building’s integrity with cost and durability. Clay bricks with their aesthetic appeal and natural insulation properties are ideal for residential projects that combine functionality and visual fascination. However, concrete blocks price in Pakistan depends on structural robustness and uniformity. They are better suited for commercial projects where durability and rapid construction are primacies.

Construct with Confidence Using Niazi Bricks Services

Niazi Bricks provide builders and architects with high-quality bricks for their diverse projects. Pick the correct type of brick and ensure your project’s success with our dependable merchandises. Build a cozy home or a commercial complex. Now, start your project on a solid foundation at reasonable cement block price in Pakistan.

Bricks Size Matters- Perfect Fit with Niazi Bricks for Stronger & Smarter Structure!

The size of bricks in Pakistan affects a structure’s aesthetics design and its construction costs. Look at Niazi Bricks’ size standards and determine the variations available. How these aspects influence our pricing and procedure

Our Standard Brick Size in Pakistan Construction

Our standard brick size in Pakistan typically measures 9 inches long with 4.5 inches wide and 3 inches in height. Our conventional brick is widely used across the country due to its efficiency in handling and strength in building constructions.

Deviations and Custom Sizes Available

Identifying that different construction projects may require different specifications. We offer a range of sizes beyond the standard size of brick in Pakistan! We also provides custom-sized bricks to meet specific architectural requirements. Niazi’s ability to customize helps architects and builders achieve their precise visualizations for aesthetic design elements or unique structural desires.

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So, are you ready to enhance the efficiency and aesthetics of your next construction plan? Niazi Bricks‘ wide range of standard and custom brick sizes meet your building necessities. Get your project’s success with our high-quality and cost-effective bricks.

Let us help you select the ideal standard size of brick in Pakistan for your upcoming project!

Brick Price In Pakistan And Market Undercurrents

Since, brick industry support the local construction sector in Lahore. There is a unique market dynamics for brick manufacturers and suppliers by a burgeoning population and continuous urban development.

Our Bricks Rate in Lahore, Pakistan

Bricks rate in Lahore varies significantly depending on the brick type and quality. First-class clay bricks are most commonly used in residential and commercial constructions for their durability and aesthetic magnetism. However, second-class bricks are used for less visible parts of a building or interior walls. They are slightly lower in price. This variability in bricks price in Pakistan is influenced by factors such as production costs and transportation fees along the availability of resources.

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Rely on Niazi Bricks for your construction needs in Lahore. We provide high-quality materials at competitive prices. Let us make your projects cost-effective and durable. Understanding the local brick market will help you make informed decisions for optimizing the cost and quality of your construction projects. Now, build on solid ground! Avail the Best Brick Rates and Quality in Lahore with us!

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Are you planning your next construction project? Get quote for rate of bricks in Lahore by choosing suitable materials that set the foundation for accomplishment. We provide top-quality bricks for your houses and buildings. Niazi’s extensive range of products ensures that you have access to the best materials for any big or small project. Get personalized quotes and expert advice on selecting the perfect bricks for your construction. Don’t hesitate to contact us. Build with confidence and quality that survives. Call today and take the first step towards a successful build!

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What is the standard size of brick in Lahore or all our Pakistan?

The standard size of brick in Lahore or all our Pakistan is proximately (for clay bricks, centre to centre) 9×4.5×3 inches with mortar. Excluding mortar, the standard brick size in Pakistan sums up to 8.5x4x2.5 inches.

The common components are used to create a standard size of brick in Lahore and all Pakistan includes sand, lime, clay, bearing soil and concrete materials. Mixing these elements and putting them through kilns is how a dry brick is made up. The dimensions and standard brick size in Lahore and all of Pakistan matter because various sizes are used in different types of constructions.

Different types of brick sizes are being used in the world, here are the flowing details:

Different types of brick sizes are being used in the world, here are the flowing details:

Name Size
J Modular:
194 x 92 x 70 mm
J Standard:
203 x 92 x 70 mm
Jumbo Standard (PLT 3):
203 x 92 x 67 mm
244 x 76 x 67 mm
397 x 92 x 92 mm
194x92x57 mm
Modular Economo:
194x92x92 mm
295 x 92 x 57 mm
295 x 92 x 71 mm
244x79x70 mm
295 x 92 x 41 mm
SJ Modular:
194 x 76 x 70 mm
SJ Norman:
295 x 79 x 70 mm
T 3 types:
397 x 143 x 92, 397 x 194 x 92, 407 x 194 x 194 mm
295 x 92 x 92mm

The nominal/standard size of brick in Pakistan is 9″4.5″3″ while the architectural brick size is 8.5″4″2.5″.